Wake Up Call: Diddy Issues a Call to Action to Everyone, As He Calls Out Trump on His Pandemic Response

Photo Source: Philadelphia Insider

In the Instagram video he shared on Sunday, March 29, Sean Diddy Combs spoke passionately about the current pandemic and how everyone can help. In addition to that, he called President Trump out and asked his followers not to only rely on him.

“Let’s get people involved,” he started. “It’s not about me; it’s not about one person. Let’s figure out a way to get people involved because people want to do something. There’s no way you can have power and not want to do something with it.” He said.

“I don’t know what true superhero story they was watching, but the true superheroes they did it for good… Everybody got superhero in ’em,” Diddy added. “It’s time for us to step this superhero s–t up, ’cause we can think anything, we can manifest anything.”

Diddy then urged people to come together to find ways to protect the health-care system. Likewise, save the US economy that is going down due to the pandemic.

He equally advised that people’s lives and life in general should improve once things get better. Stating that it would be a shame if that weren’t the case afterward. Lastly, he called out Trump on the way he’s dealing with the situation.

“We also can’t expect somebody that don’t give a f–k about us to save us,” he told his 16.3 million Instagram followers. “Its not Trump’s fault; he don’t give a f–k about us. It’s not his fault. I know what I’m getting. I know what I’m into. We gotta wake up and know what we into, and we gotta figure out how to save each other. F–k the politics and the bureaucracy and waiting for the same s–t forever,” he added.


Meanwhile, a lot of people were impressed by Diddy’s message, as many took their time to respond, expressing gratitude to him for his word.

One of his followers wrote: “Thank you! We healthcare workers appreciate you.”

“Speaking from the heart! let’s go Diddy!” Another Instagram user said.

Another person added: “U made me tear up hearing you speak. “I’ve admired you for many years but I have never heard you speak nor did I feel as though you cared as much as you are sharing now. thank you @diddy.”

Indeed, the message was touching!

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