Samuel L. Jackson Urges Everyone To ‘Stay The F**k Home

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As Jimmy Kimmel enlisted Samuel L. Jackson for an interview by satellite this week, the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ actor talked about quarantining at home with his wife and daughter, watching ‘Tiger King’ and canceling his annual trip to Italy with Magic Johnson. He also has a message for everyone about practicing social distancing, saying: “stay the f**k at home.”

On Tuesday, March 31, episode of the ABC’s talk show, the 71-year-old actor read a sequel to children’s book Go the F**k to Sleep” from Adam Mansbach. The book has the title “Stay the F**k at Home,” which was just appropriate to the current situation. “Stay the f**k at home. Corona is spreading; this s**t is no oke,” he read.

Jackson continued, “It’s no time to work or roam. The way you can fight it is simple my friends, stay the f**k at home.”Now technically, I’m not a doctor. But motherf****rs listen when I read a poem. So here I am, Sam Fu****g Jackson, imploring you: Keep your a** at home. If you want things to get back to normal, don’t panic. Just use your dome. Wash your hands, stop touching your face, and stay the f**k at home.” Said the veteran actor.

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He went on to say, “telling motherf****r” that this is not the ‘time to gamble.’ Just stay the f**k at home. As if your name was Trenton Quarantino.” Also, the legendary actor stressed that one could still “use the motherf*****g app on your phone” to “see your friends.” Although he mentioned that they could only leave their home if they “just ran out of groceries.”

In addition, he thanked those who stay at home “for doing their part to flatten the curve.” He pointed said, “that s**t is steep.” In conclusion, he stated “And now that you’re home, please feel free. To go the f**k to sleep!”

Meanwhile, this wasn’t just in the name of amusement either. Jimmy Kimmel is currently making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during the quarantine and Samuel L. Jackson choosing Feeding America for yesterday’s broadcast. You can consider helping them bring food to communities that need it most through this link;

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