Nine Injured In Mass Shooting After Denver Nuggets NBA Win

Nine people have been injured in a shooting spree in Denver, Colorado.

According to a tweet from the police, three of the victims are in serious condition, while the other victims have had non-life-threatening wounds.

They also mentioned that a suspect had been shot and was being held by police.

The shooting took place on Market Street, not far from Ball Arena, where the Denver Nuggets, the local basketball team, on Monday night claimed their first NBA title.

In a statement, police stated that they believed “multiple shots were fired during an altercation involving several individuals” and that a “complex investigation” was ongoing.

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Miami Heat 94-89 on Monday night, and thousands of fans celebrated on the streets nearby, according to CBS Colorado.

The incident occurred approximately three and a half hours after the game, according to Denver Police Department spokesperson Doug Schepman, who was quoted by the news source. Crowds had left, leaving just a smaller number of individuals in the neighbourhood when gunfire broke out.

The massacre in Denver is the 291st this year, according to the group that tracks mass shootings in the US.

A mass shooting is an incident in which four or more persons are killed or injured, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Both domestic and public shootings are included in their statistics.

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