Concentration Camps In Kenya

While it’s alleged that Adolf Hitler, when he was Chancellor of Germany, introduced the first Concentration Camps in March 1933, it’s not well known how the first time the word “concentration camp” was used; was by the British government in the Anglo


How Memorial Day Truly Began

After the civil war ended in 1865, more lives had been lost than in any other conflict in US history. Formerly enslaved African Americans and some African American freemen, on May 1, 1865, in Charleston, SC, gathered to pay their respects to


Autobiography Of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, born Araminta Ross in March 1822, was an African American abolitionist and activist. She was born into slavery in Maryland, where she was mistreated as a child. She had a traumatic head injury when she was a child from an


Slave Revolts IV: Nat Turner’s Rebellion of 1831

Nat Turner’s slave revolt. Considered to be one of America’s most successful slave revolts because of the conversations it forced enslavers and America to have, the Nat Turner slave revolt took place in August 1831 in South Hampton County, Virginia, and it

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