It’s Official! Megan McKenna Is Engaged After Whirlwind Romance

Football player Oliver Burke staged an epic proposal, and Megan McKenna accepted.

The couple has been dating for around five months and has recently deepened their connection.

Megan was first unable to enjoy the view because she was wearing a blindfold the entire time Oliver had arranged for a romantic boat excursion. Oliver soon took her to the shore to deliver the big surprise.

On the decking that was littered with rose petals, he got down on one knee.

Megan responds with a resounding “yes” after he asks with a broad smile. Megan exclaims, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing. I can’t believe this.’ the two quickly embrace. 

Now that she can see again, she notices the enormous “Marry me” sign and the two of them take a seat at a table for two to toast their engagement.

Oliver, 26, had truly thought of everything; the boat they rode in to get to the beachside location was even called “One and Only.” The two are currently at Montenegro’s Portonovi, a posh resort if the name of the yacht is any indication.

Megan posted a video of the happy event on her social media accounts so that people could see it, along with a joyful caption.

‘YES YES YES a thousand times YES. You have opened up a world I never thought was possible,’ she began.

‘I love you Oliver Burke… here’s to forever my future husband.’

Oliver replied: ‘I promise to love you for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to grow old with you my wife-to-be.

‘I love you. Forever. And always.’

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