Inside Stormzy’s Bling Car Collection From £100k Mercedes G Wagon To £200k Lamborghini

THIS is Stormzy’s lavish automobile collection, which includes a £200,000 Lamborghini and a £110,000 Mercedes.

Despite not having a reputation as a petrolhead, the 29-year-old rapper who is guiding England for tonight’s Soccer Aid and recently rekindled his relationship with Maya Jama has amassed a stable of outstanding automobiles.

He has a staggering £22 million in net worth, so he can easily afford to spend the money on opulent cars.

Mercedes G550 – £110,000

The G-Wagon is a favourite of the rich and famous.

One of the priciest luxury SUVs available, the G550, often known as the G-Wagon, is a favourite among celebrities and the ultra-wealthy.

It was initially created as a military vehicle at the Shah of Iran’s recommendation and released to the public for the first time in 1979.

The G550 model, which debuted in 2009, comes with a robust 5.5-litre V8 that cranks out 382 horsepower, or up to 416 in the twin-turbo version.

Reviews say that despite its overwhelming power, it provides a comfortable ride and a ton of added features.

Audi A8 – £77,980

Audi’s largest premium sedan is the A8.

The A8, which is Audi’s largest sedan and a wonderful choice for travelling in comfort and style, is another vehicle designed more for luxury than for track performance.

That is not to imply that it lacks speed, as a supercharged V6 engine produces up to 325 ft. lb of torque and 328 horsepower.

A modified W12 engine in one of the other versions has a 493-horsepower output and a nought-to-60 time of just 4.7 seconds, which is fairly outstanding for such a big car.

Audi has also provided a hybrid variant since 2010.

Lamborghini Urus – £230,000

The Lamborghini Urus is referred to as the first “Super SUV” in the world.

The Lamborghini Urus is another high-end SUV that the rich and famous prefer, continuing Stormzy’s preference for bulky, luxurious cars.

Because of its close resemblance to a supercar in terms of power to weight, it has been dubbed the first “Super-SUV” in history.

The time from 0 to 60 is an astounding 3.6 seconds.

Due to all of these factors, it’s hard for celebrities, let alone regular people, to obtain one.

They can be sold again for about £260,000 and are typically purchased rather fast.

Rolls-Royce Dawn – £347,000

The Dawn’s sleek design conceals a ton of top-notch performance.

The Dawn is yet another large, comfort-focused vehicle in Stormzy’s lineup, with a starting price of £347,860.

Its traditional design, which includes the brand’s signature sweeping hood, and silent-as-the-dead ride conceal an aggressive V12 engine with the massive 563 horsepower and 605 ft. lbs of torque needed to lift its heavy frame.

The Dawn has a nought-to-sixty time of under 4.9 seconds, which is not bad considering its weight of more than two tons.

The business will stop making the range in 2023 and replace it with the all-electric Spectre model as it ramps up its electric car production.

It follows The Sun’s exclusive revelation that Love Island host Maya Jama and Stormzy are back together following several covert visits to his home.

Rumours that she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio were dispelled by the announcement.

From 2015 through 2019, the grime star and the television celebrity were dating.

eventually, the musician said, “I still love her, definitely, with all my heart.” He eventually acknowledged that he had made a terrible mistake that caused their breakup.

Stormzy will presumably be concentrating on his managing responsibilities for this evening’s Soccer Aid game, at least for today.

His England squad, headed by Queen of the Jungle Jill Scott, will compete against a World XI that is coached by Mauricio Pochettino and Robbie Keane and is led by Usain Bolt.

To bring the victory home at Wembley and raise a lot of money for charity, Stormzy is fortunate to have Three Lions legends Harry Redknapp and David Seaman on his team.

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