9 Great Viking Rulers And Leaders You Should Know

The Vikings were known for their rich culture as well as their violent invasions on numerous lands. They also made some amazing discoveries, such as discovering Greenland. All of these incredible feats were performed by Viking leaders and monarchs. So, who were

10 Deadliest Medieval Weapons

The medieval period was characterized by intense violence and warfare, and a variety of lethal weapons were employed. Here are a few of the most lethal medieval weapons: 1. Knightly sword The phrase “knightly” or “arming sword” refers to a single-handed straight

The 20 Most Famous Paintings Of All Time

One may say that art is a reflection of society. A lot of paintings express the thoughts and feelings of the artist or the cultural values of a certain community. It was difficult to pick just twenty iconic works of art because

What Was Personal Hygiene Like In Ancient Rome?

Baths were unquestionably one of the Romans’ most famous inventions. Unlike nearly all previous civilizations, which ancient historical reports suggest were not too concerned with personal hygiene, the Romans dedicated large areas in every city and town they built to public restrooms where

The Life Of Guccio Gucci, Founder Of Gucci

Guccio Gucci, the founder of the iconic fashion label Gucci, led a colourful and dramatic life that resembled his designs. Gucci was born in Florence, Italy in 1881, the son of a leather goods maker, and he grew up surrounded by materials and

The Most Amazing Gothic Architecture Around The World

Gothic architecture is a type of architecture that evolved in Europe during the late Middle Ages, roughly between the 12th and 16th centuries. Its rich and detailed designs, lofty and pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses distinguish it. The style originated

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