The First Siege Of Rome During The Gothic War

In 537–538 AD, the Ostrogothic King Vitiges led the first siege of Rome during the Gothic War to retake the city from the Byzantine Empire. Rome had been seized by the Goths in 410 AD, but the Eastern Roman Empire had since

Ancient Chinese Paper Armor Was Tougher Than Steel

The adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” is probably familiar to you, but are you aware that body armour made of paper is more resilient than armour that is forged from metal? It contradicts everything we know about warfare, in which

The History Of Photography

Here’s A Brief Timeline Of The History Of Photography! Photography has captivated us since its creation and continues to do so now. Uniquely, it makes things visible to us that otherwise would have remained hidden. Beautiful wall art created by famous photographers

What Were Music and Instruments Like in Ancient Rome?

While Ancient Roman music was influenced by numerous places, Etruscan and Greek music played a major role. The Empire was also influenced by North Africa, Gaul, and Asia Minor. Music was a major part of numerous events like entertainment possessions such as

What Were Homes Like in Ancient Egypt?

The homes in ancient Egypt were well thought out. As a result of the climate, and the fact that Egypt is located in a very hot and dry desert, a lot of factors were considered. The ancient Egyptian citizens most often made

What Were Houses Like in Ancient Greece?

  Contrary to the media’s depiction of houses in Ancient Greece, they weren’t as lavish. The houses of the normal and middle-class ancient Greek citizens weren’t extravagant.  The properties were made mostly of wood or mud houses. They didn’t have water running

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