‘Family Feud’ Contestant Charged With Murdering Wife, Gives A Shocking Answer/Clue On Show

A “Family Feud” contestant’s answer to the question about the “worst mistake you made at your wedding” provided prosecutors with a crucial piece of evidence in their case against him for allegedly killing his wife.

Tim Bliefnick taped an episode of “Feud” in 2019. He was detained on Monday and accused with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of a home invasion. When it came his turn to respond to the question, “What’s your biggest regret during your wedding?” Steve Harvey put him on the spot. He said, “Saying ‘I do.”

Imagine that it was late last month and his estranged wife Rebecca Bliefnick had just been discovered dead in her house. The accusation against Timothy is that he broke into her house and shot her numerous times. The couple was divorcing and separated at the time.

The audience gasped in response as Bliefnick swiftly added that he loves his wife. As you are aware, 100 members of the studio audience provided the answers, and it is astounding to see that “I Do” came in at number two.

It’s unknown if Rebecca’s restraining order against her estranged husband was still in place when she passed away.

He is being detained without bail.

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