Ex-Pro Surfer Surfs 40 Hours, Breaks Record For World’s Longest Surfing Session

Ex-Pro Surfer Surfs 40 Hours, Breaks Record For World's Longest Surfing Session

On Friday, former pro surfer Blake Johnston broke the previous record for the world’s longest surf session by surfing for 40 hours. It was all done for a wonderful cause.

The Australian surfing instructor comfortably beat the previous record of 30 hours and 11 minutes when he exited the sea on Thursday at around 5 PM after surfing more than 600 waves.

Johnston raised money to promote the mental health of Australian adolescents in addition to shredding for nearly two days nonstop for amusement. The surfer lost his father to suicide ten years ago, so it’s a cause close to his heart. Blake partnered with the Chumpy Pullin Foundation to raise as much money as he could.

Even after the sun went down, Blake was still able to surf with the aid of some headlights. Blake was being watched over by doctors, who were also ready to help if he required it.

In front of hundreds of onlookers, Johnston acknowledged that he was “quite cooked” after setting the record.

“Thanks, everyone, you’re the best,” Blake said after leaving the ocean. “Everyone deserves to feel awesome, deserves to take care of yourselves. Good on you.”

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