Two Survivors Of Mexico Kidnapping Recovering In US Hospitals

Two surviving Americans who were kidnapped at gunpoint in Matamoros, Mexico last week are receiving medical care in US hospitals. The incident resulted in the deaths of their two other kidnapped pals. One individual, José “N” 24, of Tamaulipas, has been detained.

Russian Coronavirus-Denying Ex-Monk Sentenced To 7 Years

A former Russian Orthodox monk who denied the existence of the coronavirus and defied the Kremlin was sentenced to seven years in prison on Friday. Nikolai Romanov, 67, known as Father Sergiy until his ex-communication by the Russian Orthodox Church, urged his

Journalists Convicted Of Revealing Finland Defense Secrets

According to Finnish media, two investigative journalists for a major daily newspaper in Finland were convicted Friday of revealing national defense secrets in a 2017 article that prosecutors claimed included information from classified documents. According to Huvudstadsbladet, another Finnish newspaper, the prosecution

Jamaican Cleric Convicted In NY State Terrorism Trial

After being extradited to New York City following an undercover New York Police Department sting that went international, a Jamaican cleric accused of recruiting support for the Islamic State group was convicted Thursday of state terrorism charges. According to Manhattan District Attorney

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