Awful, Blood-Curdling Screams As Man And Woman Stabbed To Death In Nottingham 

In Nottingham, three individuals have died, and a guy has been detained on suspicion of killing them.
Just after 4 am, police were called to Ilkeston Road where two bodies had been discovered on the sidewalk.

Officers were then summoned to another incident in Milton Street where a van attempted to run over three persons. They are currently receiving medical care in a hospital.
Additionally, a man’s body was discovered in Magdala Road.

In Nottingham, near the intersection of Bright Street, at around 4 am, a witness reported hearing “awful, blood-curdling screams” and saw a young guy and young woman being stabbed.

A 31-year-old guy was detained by the police after being apprehended on suspicion of murder.

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