All LAUSD Schools Shut Down Tuesday As Thousands Of Union Workers Begin 3-Day Strike

Tens of thousands of Los Angeles Unified School District employees walked off the job on Tuesday due to delayed labor negotiations, sparking a three-day strike that will close all district schools.

The 30,000 workers represented by Service Employees International Union Local 99 began picketing at 4:30 a.m., including cafeteria workers, bus drivers, custodians, special education aides, and others. The picket line will be respected by the nearly 30,000 members of the powerful teachers union, United Teachers Los Angeles.

With labor discussions stalled and no new talks scheduled, LAUSD campuses will be closed Tuesday and possibly through Thursday for the planned strike, affecting over 400,000 students.

During a news conference on Monday, LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho stated that he intended to have “a straightforward, honest talk” that would result in an agreement to postpone the scheduled three-day strike, but that did not occur.

Carvalho said he was still hopeful that talks may take place overnight or on Tuesday, potentially leading to a solution that would prevent the work stoppage from lasting the entire three days.

The district is opening 154 schools for student supervision to assist students and parents. There are another 30 L.A. municipal recreational areas, 18 county sites, and two dozen grab-and-go food distribution stations, but it will still be a huge issue for many.

Parents at Walter Reed Middle School said they support the strike decision, but they are concerned that students would be caught in the crossfire.

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